wedding pillars with florals to rent ...ready to pick-up ...easy to set-up

Decorate a church or create an Altar & Aisle for a hall wedding... with a Pillar Ceremony & Florals...

Rent beautiful Ceremony set-ups

each includes 1 draped Altar pillar & 6 Aisle pillars... all w/ florals 


Rent Add-ons for a more elegant indoor ceremony...

2 extra pillars, aisle sashes, electric candles, or floral stands

$340 to $500

Rent Altar only set-ups with 1, 2 or 3 pillars w/ drapes & florals

$120 to $200

Rent to decorate the Aisle only... 6 to 8 pillars w/ florals & add-ons

$180 to $380

Looking to decorate...  Start by choosing a Floral Ceremony from the the left column

View 11 ceremony pillar set-ups with choice of 6 different florals...Rent for $300-500

​​​​​Wedding PILLARS & Petals

Affordable Ceremony Pillar Rentals include Silk Florals... New Lenox

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