Red Roses Ceremony w/ Sashes & Raised Florals

Large Red Roses Top of Pillar Piece 2ft wide

We offer these Rental Options for the Altar to further enhance the ceremony or to simply rent an altar only or as a photo backdrop.


Red Roses Garden Style Ceremony 

 True Red RoseFlorals Ceremony Altar & Aisle Pillar Rentals with Florals

Interested in Red Roses...

Leave a message for Carole McLaughlin



Red Roses Ceremony w/ Draped Stands

Symbolic of true love  are the true Red Roses that make

this ceremony decor

so very romantic.

Large, luscious 

blooms mingled with beautiful ivy make

a dramatic statement 


​​ Red Rose Altar/ Grouping  Swagged

7 ft H with Floral Top Piece

See Classic White Grouped Altars

for optional draping


Red Roses Ceremony w/ Sashes

​​​​​Wedding PILLARS & Petals